International Basic First Aid Course Jan 28th-29th 2016

Course Code: IBFA
Description: The Basic First Aid course is designed for clients who wish to have a greater understanding of First Aid. This course includes illnesses and injuries and through the scenarios can be contextualized to your customers’ requirements.
The course will meet the recommendations of the Health and Safety Executive for training emergency aid to the appointed person.
Each section of your course manual will guide you step by step through each of the essential skills required to be a competent first aider. Through the process of seeing, hearing and doing you will learn how to provide first aid in an emergency both safely and effectively. As you complete each skill you will develop the skills, knowledge, techniques and confidence to respond in an emergency.
Our instructors are fully certified First Aid International facilitators who are current with the procedures and knowledge required to ensure you have the best possible learning experience. Each Instructor is registered with First Aid International and renews their status annually to ensure that only current and competent instructors deliver your training and assessment.
Certificates are issued by First Aid International using our Centre Management Information System (CMIS). CMIS provides a quick efficient service to all our clients.